The creators of Bespoke Bitters Co were at a cocktail bar in their hometown of Denver, CO when they noticed a bottle of Root Beer Bitters behind the bar. The bartender explained they were used to make Black Manhattans. The creators’ interests were piqued. They looked online to try and buy a bottle but didn’t find anything they wanted. Instead, they found a book on how to make bitters. Next, they looked up where to find the ingredients to make the bitters and realized it wasn’t as easy as going to Whole Foods or King Soopers.

They decided to create Bespoke Bitters Co to help people like them who are interested in craft cocktail making at home, but who don’t necessarily need to buy large bags of uncommon and unusual spices that they may not use again.

We hope you enjoy making creating your bitters and sharing the finished product with your friends as much as we do!

You can find out bitter kits at our Etsy site.